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Healthcare Entertainment Solutions

TV for Healthcare Industry

Get television entertainment packages installed in your property with no set-top boxes, High-definition, Pro:idiom, customized channels and more.

serving properties nationwide

Your patients will feel right at home with Quality TV Programming

You can select from hundreds of top rated local and national news, sports, movies and entertainment channels.  Plus, the channels you subscribe to are available in guest rooms, lobby, gym, and meeting rooms.

TV SOlutions

Provide quality entertainment at lower costs

With Digitalway Services entertainment solutions, you can be able to provide your patients with the most efficient, high-quality television service.  We only deliver the highest quality entertainment services and know it is critical to ensure a quality patient experience.  Regardless if you are a hospital, doctor’s office, nursing home , or long-term care facility, we have options to help you.  

Rest assured that Digitalway Services has the expertise to handle the most complex installations, plus we ensure that your patients will receive the most advanced and robust television and high-speed internet amenities they’ve come to expect and demand and most importantly, at a price you can afford.

We offer Hospital Grade Equipment

Internet Solutions

Provide Internet To Your Residents and Guests

Fiber internet solutions provide lightning-fast internet speeds to patients and guests on your property, ensuring reliable and efficient upload and download performance for even the most demanding needs. Give your patients and guests the ability to quickly and easily connect to the internet. Utilize our advanced technology to offer a secure, dependable, and high-speed internet connection throughout your entire property for everyone to enjoy.


A Fit For Every Business.

All the benefits without the high cost and complexity.  After all, it’s just TV!  

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