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If you elect to use smartbox system for your entertainment solution, it does not require a receiver in the room and does not require a special remote.  Some smaller properties elect other equipment options available; in this case, we supply receivers for them.

Yes.  We can install service across all your TVs.  

We take pride in using local techs for our installation and service work.

Our systems are capable of utilizing QAM, IP, fiber and analog distribution. In most cases your current cable structure will work just fine. We typically like to do a site survey or look at pictures of the your cable structure to determine if any additional wiring is necessary.

Unlike other service providers we do not have programming contracts or long-term equipment contracts.  In some cases, you receive discounts for 3 and 5 year agreements; if you qualify for discounts we will cover that with you and you will make the decision to sign 3 or 5 year agreements.  

If you participate in our Private Cable Operator programs, we offer exclusive and non-exclusive right of entry agreements starting as little as 36 months.

We have a 99% signal reliability. Losing signal during rain and storms is the exception rather that the rule with a properly installed system.

We will work quickly wither onsite or remotely to determine the cause of your outage.  The smartbox system has an option for us to monitor your system remotely and notify you (or fix) outages before they become an issue.  If you do require an onsite technician, our standard response time is 24-48 hours. Unless, in case of emergency, we can route out emergency technicians and equipment replacements.

Broadcast Local channels are based on the designated market area and not always based on geographic location. Please call or email us and we would be happy to look it up your zip code and determine local channel availability.  The smartbox system allows us to add external antennas for primary or back up of local broadcast stations.

Warranties on installation parts, accessories, and Televisions have a standard manufactures warranty.  All DISH equipment comes with a one-year manufactures warranty beginning on the date of installation.  

With the smartbox lease there is a lifetime warranty on all parts.  If you are considering a long-term solution, this is the best warranty in the industry.

We accept RFP by mail and by email.  If you plan to mail an RFP, please mail to:  United Cable Direct, Inc.   PO Box 827, Derby KS 67037 or email to [email protected].

Depending on the equipment option that you choose, yes. With our smartbox system you have the ability to pick and choose only the channels your guests, patients or tenants watch.

Dish is still providing service to receivers that are almost 20 years old today. That being said, advancements in technology happen all the time. With a Dish smartbox system you never own the equipment and are free to upgrade if a more advanced system becomes available.

No.  We do not offer residential TV services at home.


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