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Entertainment Solutions for Hospitality, Healthcare, Commercial and Multi-Dwelling Units

how smartbox works

A powerful television entertainment system

Introducing a single entertainment solution for your entire property.  SMARTBOX is flexible, energy efficient, compact and offers redundancy for your entire property portfolio.

Easy to manage, use and set up

Our versatile system allows you to have an easy to use and easy to manage total Entertainment Solution throughout your property.  Regardless if you are showing TV in your hotel or looking for a easy to manage tv entertainment for a gym, hospital, waiting room, prison, rv park or assisted care facility, the smartbox solution can handle it all.

Let us show you a solution that will help the productivity of your staff and make those individuals watching your television entertainment happy.

smartbox features and specs

All the features you need for great TV service and more...

Our feature rich entertainment solution offers you benefits that traditional cable TV and satellite TV systems have overlooked for many years.

With our equipment benefits and cost saving entertainment packages you will have access to the best entertainment available.


With over 40 configuration options, we can accommodate all property types.  For example, you have the flexibility to provide HD programming in public areas and guest rooms and the same flexibility to provide analog programming on exercise equipment in the gym. 

Each smartbox system includes five (5) integrated top-mounted cooling fans.  Cooling integrations keeps your system cool and eliminates the need for external cooling systems.

System health is important, and we take extra steps to ensure your system is operating at peak performance, by monitoring your system remotely.  Through an integrated wireless modem, we can provide remote management to monitor power, system health and verify your system configuration is accurate.

Redundancies of the system mean that the end users will experience increased reliability.  We have options to add redundant channels to ensure your property does not notice an interruption in programming, in the case of channel outages.  Your system comes standard with redundant power supplies and fans, and your system is actively monitored by Dish to diagnose potential issues and alert you before they become an issue.

Each smartbox system includes five (5) integrated top-mounted cooling fans.  Cooling integrations keeps your system cool and eliminates the need for external cooling systems.  System can operate in up an enviroment of up to 122˚F.

Each smartbox requires less than 300-watts of power for 40 channels of HD programming. Our system has low power consumption and operates in temperatures up to 122˚F.  With the smaller footprint and the need to supply upgraded cooling systems, you can see up to 90% less power consumption over traditional cable and satellite head-end systems.

You do not need large equipment rooms to store the  smartbox system.  Flexibility to install into existing equipment rooms with a physically small size of 5RU. The chassis can be wall-mounted or rack-mounted, depending on your needs

Output Modes

IP Network

Digital Rights Management (DRM) is used in conjunction with QAM to protect the content being delivered.


Digital Rights Management (DRM) is used in conjunction with QAM to protect the content being delivered.


Output RF over existing coax distribution system with smartbox and distribute between eight and 72 channels of video.  

Digital Rights Management (DRM) Modes

HD Over Coax

We utilize existing coaxial wiring and transcoding technology that allows analog HD video to convert to digital video.  If you do not need encryption, but still require watermarking, this is the best solution for your property.  Understanding, that certain premium content and property types, such as hotels are not approved for this type of content distribution.

Pro:Idiom® ​

Pro:Idiom® – The Hospitality Industry requires video encryption technology to protect HD content in hotels from piracy.  Pro:Idiom® is a video encryption technology developed to provide HD content in your rooms without the fear of consumers pirating the content.  A smartbox system will encrypt the video with Pro:Idiom and TV or set back box will decrypt the signal in the room.

Verimatrix Video Content Authority System™

Piracy is a real concern for video on demand (VOD) and due to the increased need to protect content; the U.S. Hotel industry has adopted a technology specifically for VOD.  By enabling end to end content security architecture, they can keep licensing costs lower for programming that is used for VOD property wide.  With a smartbox solution, we will encrypt the audio and video programming in VCAS, and either the TV or a set back box will decode the video in the room on the TV.  We only implement the VCAS encryption at the smartbox so that an additional Key Service will be necessary.

smartbox resources.

Packs a lot of power in a small package

Just 8.7 inches (H) x 17.6 inches (W) x 15.8 inches (D)

Allows accommodation in existing equipment rooms with a physically small size of 5RU (9 inches) of clearance, so it can be placed anywhere.

The chassis can be wall-mounted or rack-mounted, depending on your specific needs.

smartbox frequently asked questions

Our systems are capable of utilizing QAM, IP, fiber and analog distribution. In most cases your current cable structure will work just fine. We typically like to do a site survey or look at pictures of the your cable structure to determine if any additional wiring is necessary.

Unlike other service providers we do not have programming contracts or long-term equipment contracts.  In some cases, you receive discounts for 3 and 5 year agreements; if you qualify for discounts we will cover that with you and you will make the decision to sign 3 or 5 year agreements.  

If you participate in our Private Cable Operator programs, we offer exclusive and non-exclusive right of entry agreements starting as little as 36 months.

Warranties on installation parts, accessories, and Televisions have a standard manufactures warranty.  All DISH equipment comes with a one-year manufactures warranty beginning on the date of installation.  

With the smartbox lease there is a lifetime warranty on all parts.  If you are considering a long-term solution, this is the best warranty in the industry.

Dish is still providing service to receivers that are almost 20 years old today. That being said, advancements in technology happen all the time. With a Dish smartbox system you never own the equipment and are free to upgrade if a more advanced system becomes available.

We have a 99% signal reliability. Losing signal during rain and storms is the exception rather that the rule with a properly installed system.

We will work quickly wither onsite or remotely to determine the cause of your outage.  The smartbox system has an option for us to monitor your system remotely and notify you (or fix) outages before they become an issue.  If you do require an onsite technician, our standard response time is 24-48 hours. Unless, in case of emergency, we can route out emergency technicians and equipment replacements.

Depending on the equipment option that you choose, yes. With our smartbox system you have the ability to pick and choose only the channels your guests, patients or tenants watch.

A Fit For Every Business.

All the benefits without the high cost and complexity.  After all, it’s just TV!  

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